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Meet the Team

We know who's really running this show.


Akari Lynne

Western Lines German Shepherd

Akari is a drivey working dog who's number one goal in life is to convince you to THROW. THAT. BALL. 

She is the first dog new guests are introduced to because of her clear communication methods, willingness to walk away from dogs who aren't ready to engage, and forgiving nature. 


Boston Terrier 

Bean is a boston terrier mixed with a cannon ball. He is happy to play with friends of all shapes, sizes, and species. Don't let his stature fool you, this boy is FAST!

PHT_3075-Edit (1).jpg

Ashald "Ash" Robert Parr

Australian Cattle Dog "Blue Heeler"

Ash is a cattle dog rescue with a tenacious personality and a love for cuddles. He loves to zoomy through the back garden, go on walks, and play with crinkly toys.

Team: Team
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