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Paws Down our favorites are...



We recommend Orijen paws down. While dogs aren't obligate carnivores (like cats) they are carnivores. The only place you will see them referenced as omnivores are in some "big pet food" websites. 

Orijen knows this and packs a punch with their QUALITY protein sources. No meals or animal by-products here. The first 14 ingredients of their original food are animal protein sources and 85% of the protein in this food is from animals. We could go on and on, but we will let Orijen speak for themselves. Check out their website at


A quality leash is a must and we are of the quality over quantity minset. A leash should last you a lifetime. 

Bold Lead Designs offers a multitude of fantastic leash options, but Paws Down our favorite is their 8-way leather leash. 

The leash is soft in your hands with rounded edges, braided connections for added strength and functions as a standard leash, a slip lead, and a waist-walker just to name a few. 

This is a woman founded and owned American company. The leashes are handmade and you can choose between a 6 or 8 foot length as well as a variety of hardware.

This is Alyx's go to for a day to day lead and you've likely seen it on your own dog at pick up and drop off!



There are a variety of collar styles on the market, but Alyx's go to style is the martingale. It prevents dogs from "backing out" of their collar while maintaining a relatively loose fit during day to day wear. 

Now Paws Down our favorite collar is the martingale limited slip collars made by Dogs Art Collars. These are handmade collars with a soft leather backing and a cloth front. Alyx's German Shepherd, Akari, has been wearing the same collar for nearly 4 years and it's held up beautifully!

Once again, this is one of those "quality over quantity" items. We would much prefer to buy our dogs one really nice and comfortable collar every few years than to buy them several collars in the same time frame. 

DNA Test

DNA Tests have become popular among rescue dog owners in the last few years. The chance to find out what your dog's ancestry might be is just as compelling as finding out your own.

We like them for a slightly different reason. While Embark does offer DNA breed results, which can tell you a lot about your dog's behavior and needs. They also offer genetic health kits that can tell you if your dog is susceptible to any of more than 200 health risks!

Embark makes it easy to forward the information to your veterinarian and you can choose to include your dogs results in ongoing research for the betterment of dogkind!


To learn more about our variety of services, simply reach out.

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