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The Clever Dog Company Services

A Dog First Company

Sleeping Dog

Boarding - $50 Per Night

One on one time with loving humans, play time with other sociable pups, seasonal activities, all supervised by a certified and experienced professional.

When visiting our home your pet is treated like family while still maintaining the lifestyle they are accustomed to. We encourage pet parents to relay as much information as possible during Meet and Greets. This allows us to get a better idea of how to care for your pet outside of the generic "One cup of kibble two times a day."

Golden Dog


Because traveling is stressful enough.

We understand that travel is stressful and you want to keep your pet by your side until the last minute! We provide free pick up and drop off to all of our West County clients and to a few other areas as well! We are always expanding, so please, call if you have any questions!
(Free transportation is only for boarding clients at this time.)

Brown Dogs


Hands On

We believe that training should be empathy inspired and evidence based.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Let us help bridge the language barrier between you and your dog during one of our group classes or private lessons.

Funny portrait of a welsh corgi pembroke dog showering with shampoo.  Dog taking a bubble


Plenty of Love and Attention

At the Clever Dog Spa we take the time to keep your dog relaxed while providing top notch care. Our services range from baths and nail trims to full creative grooms. 

Grooming appointments must be made via phone or email.

Our Services: Our Services
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