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Our Background

After nearly a decade in the pet care industry, working every position from dog trainer to vet assistant to animal enrichment to bather, I realized that I just didn't like the way clients (two legged and four) were being treated. There was too much mystery and, all too often, dishonesty. So, I handed in my keys, left my stable job and drove home with the thought "If no one else will do it 'right' I'll just do it myself." Ok, maybe a tad dramatic, but it's the truth. However, in the back of my mind I had a calmer, more rational voice saying "Ok, but in like two months you're going to have to get a 'real job' again." That was February of 2019 and I have never looked back.

My friends will jokingly tell you that I have an "overinflated sense of justice" and while at times it can be a little ridiculous, (Does it really matter if the cake pieces are exactly the same size? ...Yes.) when it comes to running a business and working with dogs, this trait is the one that I believe has helped me succeed, more than any other. 

What we strive to provide is transparent and honest care. If your dog is hurt in any capacity you should receive a phone call. If you are told you will receive pictures daily, you should receive adorable photos every day. If your dog isn't eating well or is maybe not the friendliest to other pets it is my duty to inform you. By being honest and forthcoming about everything we feel we are not only doing right by you and your pet but also by our business. 

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